Anniversaries rock!

On our anniversary, Mike and I both went to work as usual. When Mike called me at lunch like usual, he told me some sad news: his mom was flying back to California from Colorado because her mother, who had recently undergone heart surgery, is not doing well at all. The doctors have little hope she will last much longer. His dad was also cutting their vacation short and was currently driving back from Colorado. We decided to leave work early that day and start our anniversary plans early so we could drive up to Lakewood to see his grandmother that night.

Mike had a very special dinner planned for us and it turned out excellent:

Mmm look dinner! And it is…

Probably not the healthiest meal in the world lol, but the yummiest!

And he got me this gorgeous necklace:

It’s a three stone necklace with 2 small diamonds setting the middle stone apart. 3 stones, 3 years hehe.

After our dinner we headed up to see Mike’s grandmother. She was heavily sedated, but Mike’s aunts told us that her uclers had stopped bleeding that afternoon so hopefully she would begin to improve. Overall it was a bittersweet day, and I hope that Mike’s grandmother will continue to get better. :angel:

2 thoughts on “Anniversaries rock!

  1. Wow.. you were spoilt – dinner and a necklace! You’re so lucky to have each other. What a great way to spend an anniversary.

    I’ll say some prayers for Mike’s grand mother. I’m sure she’ll be fine rin.

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