Party at Vanessa’s!

I went to {Vanessa}’s a couple weekends ago and we had a BLAST. It’s so fun having a girls’ night out with no boyfriends around. 😀 (Don’t worry baby, I still love you. :loveeye: )

I drove up after going to the Discovery Science Center with my friend Kim for extra credit in our Geology class. I got there kind of early though, so I decided to drive around nearby Beverly Hills for some sightseeing. I soon realized that all parking is metered and I had no quarters. 🙁 You can see some lovely pics I took from the car behind the cut, haha.

There’s a bad view of city hall. It looks like a church or something.

Looks like a park, right? No, it’s just their sidewalk.


The Mormitron is about to take off! Just kidding. That was invented one time when I went up to Vanessa’s and Mike F., Vanessa and I were driving to Shoppingtown when we passed the LDS Temple. We remarked it looked kind of like a space ship about to take off, and hence Mormitron was born.

The Mormitron Temple for the LDS peeps! With Mercedes driving in front, ohh irony.

I finally managed to mosey over to Vanessa’s after an hour or so and we ran over to Rubio’s where I managed to offend some black people after I mentioned that I don’t care about the black people suffering in Africa to make my diamonds. Don’t worry though, Kanye West does. (By the way, I was completely kidding and I am seriously offended by the atrocities being commited in Sierra Leone). Then we dashed back to the dorm and decided to get our drink on while waiting for her friend Liam to call us so we could go to a party. We watched Annie Hall in between shots of vodka and sips of Smirnoff Ice. We also took some pictures!

My cheeks have the lovely glow of one who might be intoxicated.

If alcohol doesn’t make you happy, something is wrong. Luckily, Vanessa is normal~!

Could my hair be any more sexy and flowy?

Uh oh, Vanessa is entering her angry drunk phase! Run!

“Please drink me, I am just waiting to be consumed!”

LET’S TAKE A PICTURE OF DOING SHOTS TOGETHER! Oops, sit up Erin, Jesus you’re not that drunk yet.”

Duck lips makes an appearance!

“Fucksing HELL, hhhow d’you fucking WORK thiss FSUCKING ‘mote?!”

Alcohol = world peace.

Boobs need hugs, too!

YAY! Liam called Erin! Let’s get more alcohol and go PARTY!

Yes, Liam finally called and we went and got some more alcohol. Then we went to some guy’s house, a friend of Liam’s, and hung out for a while. I don’t remember much because at this point I was kind of smashed, but I do remember:
1. We met some fool named Cosmo and I was like, “COSMO? THASS NOT A FUCKSING NAMWE!”
2. Tade came and brought some girl he met at another party who was wearing a very short skirt and possibly no underwear.
3. The car Tade borrowed kept alarming at us and we had to get rid of our alcohol just in case the police came (which they never did). Vanessa dumped hers in the bushes… I chugged mine.
4. During the car ride back, I had to pee very bad.
5. I did not make it to the bathroom but made it out of the car. Whoops!
6. I took a shower and went to sleep while Vanessa… did something. I don’t remember. I was very embarrassed about peeing on myself and Vanessa comforted me, sweet thing!

The next morning I woke up early, as usual and I drove home to spend the rest of the day in bed. I already knew what I was going to do once I got there! I was going to first put my clothes in the washing machine, then make a cup of tea, take a shower, and finally fall asleep while watching The Little Mermaid. And that’s exactly what I did.

My lovely Saddleback Mountain once I got home!

Although it was kind of an embarrassing experience, it was overall hella fun and at least I have a most embarrassing moment to share! Yay for embarrassing drunkeness stories!

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