Walk the Line.

Last Friday my sister Teresa and I were able to spend some quality girl time together (oh yeah, {Dustin} was there too 💡 ) and we decided to go and see Walk the Line, the biopic about Johnny Cash. Now, it wasn’t on my list of movies to see, but I love Cash’s music so I thought, what the hell!

I am SO glad I went! Afterwards I found out that Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon did all the singing featured in the movie and I was blown away. Phoenix sounded exactly like Cash to me and Witherspoon sounded BETTER than June Carter, in my opinion. At 136 minutes it’s kind of long, but worth every minute.

One of the interesting things I learned from this movie is that it was Carter, not Cash that wrote the eternal “Ring of Fire.” Somehow that really surprised me. Also I learned that Cash actually was never in prison, although he was arrested a couple times and did spend a couple nights in jail.

So if you have a chance, see Walk The Line!

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