Mirabelle Buttersfield Fanlisting!

Recently I applied to make the fanlisting for the character Mirabelle Buttersfield from the book and movie Shopgirl and happily I was approved! It is now officially open, so please go on over and join if you love Mirabelle, won’t you? (By the way, I made the header image using Rellie’s blends tutorial over at kawaiiness.com. Thanks for the awesome tutorial!)

Things have been really busy lately and I have about 4 posts waiting in the wings. Hopefully soon I’ll have time to write them up. :cheerful:

One thought on “Mirabelle Buttersfield Fanlisting!

  1. OMG that blending tutorial is fantastic! Thank you so much for the link. *adds it to de.lici.ous* BTW the blend you created is just beautiful. Once I see the movie, I’ll join.

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