Gas Stations do not accept personal checks.

Yesterday started out like any other weekday. I woke up early after having a dream that I was a crack dealer, got in the shower, dressed, agonized over what I was wearing, decided it was good enough and left. As I walked to my car I gazed up at the stars in the sky and mused over how freaken messed up it is that I am leaving my house while there are still stars out.

I drove into Fullerton, eagerly anticipating paying 20 cents less for gas when I looked into my purse and realized with a start: I left my wallet at home. With my license, ATM card, credit card, money and AAA card inside. I began to panic, knowing I had no way of being able to pay for gas and I didn’t have enough gas to make the 30 mile trek back home to get my wallet. I left the gas station and went to school, trying to take comfort in the fact that at least I would not be late for class and I would not miss this Algebra quiz. I called Mike and immediately began crying as I told his voicemail my dilemma.

While in class I realized that I had my checkbook with me, surely that would count for something somewhere? I also tried to think of anyone I knew in Fullerton that could spot me $5. I couldn’t bring myself to call anyone so early in the morning on a Friday though. I even thought of asking my professor to borrow $5, but that would just be too mortifying.

After class I tried at two different gas stations to pay with personal check, but they weren’t having any of that. I even found an old credit card in my glove compartment that was still good THROUGH THIS MONTH, but wouldn’t work for some unknown reason. Finally I had no other choice but to have Mike meet me somewhere and fill me up. Problem? he had work that morning at 8AM, and it was now 7:50. He let his boss know what was up and he was really understanding about it, but I still felt really bad for making Mike miss work just so he could come and fix my problem.

I was able to make it all the way to Irvine on empty (the light was even on!) to the Shell station on Culver and the 5 freeway. Once I saw Mike I cried (again, for the 20th time that morning) and he hugged me like the awesome boyfriend he is and let me know it was okay, everyone makes mistakes and missing work wasn’t really such a big deal. Sometimes I really can’t believe he is so awesome to me… especially since I’ve done pretty much nothing to deserve it except make fun of him and whine… a lot.

After that we went our separate ways, both having our jobs to go to. I stopped by my house for a quick second to grab my wallet (thank God a policeman/woman did not witness my speeding on the way to class! Yayyy invisibility!) and off to work I went.

At least we were able to see each other. Otherwise we would not have seen each other until Sunday. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Gas Stations do not accept personal checks.

  1. I’m kinda’ weepy too. The other day at work I was doing a chart for a new patient. It turns out I put some of the numbers in the wrong field. My dad said in a kind of not so nice way “You screwed it up and you’ll have to start over” the way he said it made me almost start crying. I mean, he didn’t have to say it all mean like. I didn’t cry, I really had to hold it in. My eyes were getting all teary. LOL… anyway, it was all good in the end. The chart wasn’t ruined, nothing white out couldn’t fix. But still, I almost cried…

  2. i was just told that in that situation…(which i am sorta in….lost card waiting for it to be mailed) all I have is a checkbook!)…. a friend suggested check made to a store like safeway grocery or target and get cash back! if there is such a store nearby….then you can go happily to the gas station and get your gas! I’m doing that!

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