Begin Ritual “cleaning of the bedroom before test” activity!

This always seems to happen to me. I’ll be in my room, preparing to study for a test, when all of a sudden it dawns on my that wow! My room! It is really messy and cluttered! Then I conclude, I cannot think in this environment! I must clean before I can begin.

… Five (or you know, two) hours later I finish cleaning and then am too tired to study. So I put it off until the next day.

The next day, I realize that there is WAY more material here than is possible to cover in one night! So I frantically read all the while cursing myself for cleaning when clearly, that could have been put off another couple days.

So here we go! Before:

7 thoughts on “Begin Ritual “cleaning of the bedroom before test” activity!

  1. The fact that your room looks so different signals to me that I have not been to your house in a loooong time, haha. I remember a lofted bed, with a desk under it I think, and anime posters everywhere. 🙂 That’s pretty sad, eh?

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