Feeling much better.

I quit my job Monday morning, thank goodness. I was able to spend the entire day with my Michael without a care on my mind, something I haven’t been able to do for a couple weeks now. It was a nice break. 🙂 In the morning we went to 24 hour fitness and did some weights, then we went back to his place, showered and went to lunch with his parents. We went to Salt Creek Grille for lunch, which ironically is where Alex and Jason went on their date on that night’s episode of Laguna Beach! I’m thinking of making a REAL guide to Laguna Beach based on the series (rather than this lame map they have on MTV.com).

Predictably, Mike’s parents started harping on him about the usual: school, work, how he needs to get a “five-year plan,” etc. Mike is so good, if it were me I would have started shouting at them about giving this tired subject a rest. After all, it’s only about the fifth time in the last month they have brought this up. But he is so patient with them and reminds me that they only want the best for us, please don’t take what they say the wrong way, etc. But I’m really sick of them always asking us if we’ve started planning on any future commitment yet. Mike’s barely 21! I don’t know why they are rushing him into marriage. Just because his brother is getting married next year doesn’t mean we have to be. I’m not anywhere near being close to getting married, I’ve said so before many times, but they will not drop the subject. So I told Mike that he really needs to just move out and be on his own immediately. I’m really tired of always being around them, especially since I worked with them for two years. I would really be fine with seeing them once a month, haha. 😀 Maybe Mike can see them more often if he feels like it. 🙂

After that, we attempted to go to the Sawdust Festival, but it had closed the day before. Bummer. So we parked and walked around downtown Laguna Beach for a while. We stopped by a Koi pond place on the way back home, but they were closed, too. Bummer. 🙁 We almost went out to see March of the Penguins, but then I got sleepy and lazy and just wanted to cuddle with Mike.

Overall a relaxing day. Today I called a tutoring place that had called me last week wanting to set up an interview. I never called them back because I wanted to see how things went with the nanny position. The lady said she wants to have me come in and interview, but she needed to talk to the owner of the place before she could confirm. Hopefully she calls me tomorrow morning. 😕

I can’t believe how quick this semester is going. Already I have two exams next week! One class has me writing a paper a week. They’re short, though. At least I’m feeling a bit more challenged than usual. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Feeling much better.

  1. Ewwwww, Laguna Beach. How can you even stand watching that show? I watched it when my sister was and when I was in SF with Mike, and I wanted to rip out my hair. Basically all the show is about is hooking up with people and the drama that ensues, the end. Don’t you notice how they talk of NOTHING else? How boring. What boring, shallow people.

    As a side note, there was a rumor that Kristin from the show was supposed to come to LMU, and she was going to live in Desmond, but she decided not to because she heard about the triples, haha (all the freshman dorms save for mine are tripled for most of this semester). I heard that she did come by to visit someone last weekend who was actually on the show with her (I don’t know who, some guy who now lives in Rosecrans or Whelan) and people were coming up to her, and she was apparently getting annoyed with the attention. Yeah right, people like her secretly love it and just act like they can’t stand it. Ugh, I hate.

    Anyways, dude, about the Mike thing – why? What’s the big deal? And hello, is he getting married to himself or are you somewhere in the picture? I think it’s perfectly fine of you to voice your opinion in a respectable way to his parents because it’s not just about HIM getting married, it’s both of you, too. I would probably get bothered too if that’s all my future inlaws were concerned with, and I think it’s necessary to say “you know, we’re adults and we’ll figure it out on our own. We don’t need you hounding us all the time to do something that takes more time and consideration than you’re allowing us by pretty much demanding that Mike gets married to you ASAP.” I’d also be interested to know what THEIR big rush is, anyway.

    I’m happy you’re feeling better. 🙂 Tutoring is easy, so I hope you get the job. It’s less stressful to work with people who already have their motor skills and are able to reason, hehe. Sometimes you have to wonder though.

    see ya!

  2. OMG do not hate on my laguna beach. just kidding lol you are so right about it. but i can’t help it 🙁 their stupidity makes me laugh so much! i hope someone kills someone else on there, that would be rad. I’m just kidding! that would totally not be rad.

    and I HAVE said something about it. But they don’t listen? I dunno. I wish Mike would say something, but it bothers me more than it bothers him haha. Last night he told me that he’s looking for apartments and he’ll be out of there within 3 months, hooray! I’m so excited. He’ll probably be in Dana Point or Laguna Niguel or something like that, close to the Ritz. Just hope his parents don’t drop by unannounced. 😛

    OMG V I MISS YOUU. what are you doing likeee next weekend or so? I’ll come up and see you.

  3. What’s up with his parents? Jeeze, it isn’t like you live in Mississippi where people get married right out of high school (or possibly during, depending on if they got knocked up or not) 😉 Seriously though, marriage is a big deal. You have to be ready for it. It isn’t something you just DO. On the other hand, I understand where his parents are coming from. Being married would give your relationship a stronger sense of stability, you’d live together, make choices together, go grocery shopping… all that big kid grown up stuff… payiing bills… ick, ok, I wish I was like 16 again, when I didn’t know what a mortgage was… or the difference between renting, leasing and owning…

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