Well, there comes a time for everything in life and last night I’ve decided to quit a job for the first time. I took a nanny job for a nice family in Laguna Beach, but so far everything is wrong, wrong, wrong. I’ve worked there three days and each day I’ve ended up crying as soon as I get into my car. The kids aren’t too bad, but they’re not good either. It’s just so demanding and stressful, it’s way more than I can handle in my life right now.

Not to mention it takes me AN HOUR to get there. I am not kidding. That is WAY longer than I thought it would take. I didn’t mind at first because I figured with the tax money she won’t be taking out, I could pay for gas that way. But if she’s going to be letting me go at 8:30 every night (although the agreement was 8:00), I don’t want to be getting home at 9:30!

It is just not working out for me. I’ve been so distraught about this, but I truly hate this job. When I’m there I am seriously counting the seconds until I can leave. She really needs someone who loves kids more than me and is willing to be more committed than I am. I need a job that has more structure. I just want to get there, do my tasks and clock out when I’m supposed to leave. I mean, yesterday when I got there at the time we agreed on, she was shocked because she thought I wasn’t coming until 4! ??? No.

I feel like such a failure because of this. Mike said that I should work there two weeks before quitting, but I seriously can’t even handle one more day of this. I already agreed to work Labor Day, but yesterday I asked for it off. She said that she might have someone who can take my spot (thank the LORD) so if that person can babysit, I’m just going to let her know that I don’t think it’s working out for me and I can’t work there anymore. If the person can’t sit, then I’ll let her know that it’s my last day, this job just really isn’t working out for me. I thought I could handle it, but I really can’t. School comes first and this last week I have been so stressed out from this job that it’s been hard for me to concentrate on school. Even today I need to write a paper, who knows if I’ll be able to do that.

Anyway. I redesigned {Vanessa}’s blog, isn’t it lovely? Make me feel better please. 🙁

4 thoughts on “Quitting.

  1. I think you made the right decision, it’s okay if you need to go back and forth between a few jobs to start off with – I did! Just find somewhere that you’re comfortable and don’t be feel bad if you’re not happy.

    Hugs. Vanessa’s layout is amazing. You’re amazing!

  2. Don’t feel bad about quitting. If you weren’t happy at the job then you shouldn’t be there. Do something that you enjoy. I got a job at a Coldstone in San Marcos and I worked for one day and it was the worst day ever. So I was outta there. It happens. 🙂

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