A few weeks ago, my best friend {Vanessa} started making noises about us going to Europe once we graduate from college (approximately 2 years away) for about a month and a half. Just travel and see the sights before we get settled down into marriage, jobs, kids and well… life.

I’ve thought about it for a while and I really want to go! I think it will be an awesome experience that I’ll remember for the rest of my life and something I will probably never get a chance to do again.

So today I started putting money in my pathetic savings account again, lol. I figure if I put $40 in each paycheck, I’ll have at least $2000 saved by the time we go. And that doesn’t even count summer when I will work a lot more and have more money to put in. Also Mike said he might help me out a little and so did Vanessa. Plus, I can always charge things and pay for them later lol!

So if you have any tips for traveling around Europe or traveling in general I’d love to hear them. xD

2 thoughts on “Europe?

  1. I live in the Netherlands, but I think you must see London! I’ve been there for three days, that was definitely too short. I really love London!
    Also, they say Amsterdam’s really cool, but I never went to Amsterdam, so I cannot say anything about that.

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