Sucky schedule… again.

Well, I have a sucky schedule for next semester again. I sort of anticipated this, seeing as how CSUF is not offering, Oh, about OVER HALF of the classes I need to GRADUATE this semester. I am so disgusted. Ugh. Well here it is so far:

MATH-115 -02 College Algebra Discussion (4 units) MWRF 0700A-0750A
ENGL-212 -01 British Lit From 1760 lecture (3 units) TR 0830A-0945A

ENGL-389 -01 Lit Vietnam War Discussion (3 units) TR 1000A-1115A Crouch, M. K.

GEOL-101 -08 Physical Geology Lecture (3 units) TR 0100P-0215P Woods, A. D.

WMST-205 -04 Women’s World Movements Discussion (3 units) TR 0230P-0345P Dolhinow, R. E.

Um yeah. Pretty much the only class I’m looking forward to here is British Lit. And yes, you saw that right… after that is Literature of the Vietnam War. Literature. Of the Vietnam War. However, I forgot in the flurry of registering I am also an Art major with concentration in Art History (oh yes! Didn’t I tell you? I decided to double major. Sweet!) so I think I’ll be looking into filling that 1130-1245 gap with a class and hopefully dropping Women’s World Movements. Ugh I do not want to take that class.

Wish me luck sorting this muck out :weird:

3 thoughts on “Sucky schedule… again.

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  2. Do those classes satisfy any GE or major credits at least? Just wondering. Because everyone has to take the shitty GE courses, like I’m taking Sociology 100. 😛 Anyways, see ya.

  3. Yeah of course! I wouldn’t be taking any of them if they didn’t haha. Geology and Women’s studies are actually my last 2 GE’s and College Algebra is for transferring to a UC. And then the 2 English classes count toward my major. So they are all worth something, but I could have taken more interesting classes in their place if they were open. >

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