Confusing spam.

This morning I logged into my WP admin expecting the usual comment spam — Texas Hold em, Online medications, etc. Instead I received a barrage of compliments! Have any of you other WP bloggers out there received this spam lately?

At first I couldn’t decide if it was spam or if really, a bunch of random people had started showing up to my site! Huzzah! But no, I have concluded that unfortunately, it is spam. Very odd spam.

3 thoughts on “Confusing spam.

  1. LOL! That is cracking me up! I would love to have “spam” that was compliments, I mean, hey, who wouldn’t love some of those? Better than “Enlarge your penis in 5 days” spamming. LOL

  2. haha — you too — yeah, that’s happened to me — and I’ve noticed that the only entries that get spammed are the one’s that have #’s in the subject/title line — its quiet amusing to read though — so yeah, avoid using #’s in your titles and you’ll be safe from spam [atleast that’s my observation…]…

  3. Hahaha that’s interesting. I want that spam! Hahaha. Not really. =P I haven’t gotten any spam at all yet though! If you’re getting spam you might want to try the Bad Behavior plugin. =)

    Hehe well this kind of spam is much better than getting the usual not-so-confusing spam. xD

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