Shopping alone.

I just got back a few hours ago (does that count as just?) from AX. I spent a good amount of money on cute things, but mostly I was proud of myself for venturing out in public. Alone. As in, by myself. Because all of the following has happened to me while venturing out in public alone but never when with others:

      Random man comes up to me and tries to sell me something. When refused politely, said man proceeds to accuse me of thinking he is trying to hit on me and storms away angrily.
      Random boy comes up to me in mall and tries to hit on me. When refused politely, said boy unleashes a slew of profanities all over me and walks away.
      When in cosplay, random smelly anime geek asks to “hug” me. Become so shocked at offer am rendered speechless and hugged in a more than friendly way.

So as you can see, public is not so much of a good thing. Have often reeled with anger at the realization that I am not invisible. But today? No weird people! Only one person became angry at me (he chastised me for not buying a $50 pass to AX. Why the hell does he care? Question Mark?)! I actually enjoyed having some alone time to spend as many minutes as I would like looking at cute merchandise and imagining myself owning it. And it was fun.

Maybe I don’t need invisibility after all! :angel:

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