Shiny new things!!

My monitor came in last week, in all its flat LCD glory. Of course I immediately hooked it up and played with it for hours. I didn’t even know it had built in speakers! They’re not the greatest sound quality, but I don’t listen to music on my computer too often, usually I just use my iPod. The only bad thing? It has one dead pixel on the upper right region of the screen. Usually I don’t notice it though, so it’s not so bad. I love my new monitor! :loveeye:

In other news, The Orange County Marketplace is shutting down after next weekend for the Orange County Fair. So last Sunday I took the girls up there and we spent the morning shopping away. I ended up buying seat covers with a Pink Hawaiian Hibiscus type print on it. They’re really cute. And I also haggled down the price of a purse because I was short $4. 😀 Overall it was a pretty successful trip!

Last night I won an auction on DMB for a CUTE Tarepanda notebook! Observe! Hopefully I’ll get it sometime this week or next. :loveeye:

Next weekend is AX 2005 and I still don’t know if I want to go. :notsure: My usual AX posse (Vanessa and Mike) will not be available to go with me this year (the former is in CO, the latter is working). Part of me still wants to go because… hello, I’ve been going since 2001. It will feel wrong to be doing anything else this weekend! And it’s pretty spendy to just go and walk around, doing nothing. I think at the very least I’ll buy a pass for the exhibitor hall so I can buy lots of goodies. :pirate:

I updated My Book List because I bought and read Bridget Jones’ Diary last week. I have a whole list of books I want to read, but the little used book store didn’t have any of them. 😯 Shocked! And on that note, I just made a list of books I want to read here. Suggestions welcome!

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