IE sucks.

I just realized a couple days ago that this site does not work in Internet Explorer. Sorry my misguided readers using IE. I have an important message for you, though…

Get Firefox!

I haven’t had time to play with my code and figure out why it doesn’t work because this is finals week. Also Mike quit his job so I’m spending a lot less time in front of the computer and a lot more time with him, which I don’t mind at all. :loveeye:

CONGRATS to Carrie for winning American Idol, she was my favorite. :cheerful:

Also, one of these days I’ll get around to telling you how much Thunderbird rules.

5 thoughts on “IE sucks.

  1. IE 6.0 doesn’t render CSS properly, as defined by the w3 organization. Microsoft has a seat on the board of w3.

    Chill out until IE 7.0 They’re working on the CSS probem as well as the transparency issue with .png images.

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