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I made a new page, it’s a list of all the books I’ve ever read (mostly novels). You can read it here! I’m sure it’s not a complete list, there are probably a lot of books I forgot about, but these are the ones I still have in my possession and am sure I have read most of.

I think my reading goal for the summer will be to complete the Anne of Green Gables series (shut up! It’s charming), read some manga, and maybe read something intellectual.

2 thoughts on “New Page

  1. I love Anne Of Green Gables, did you see the series, too? I love all of those books, did you ever read Dolly and alike? 😀 We read the same books in the american school where I was at like you did. Beowulf and alike, the only book I really enjoyed of those was Wuthering Heights. Lol about Beloved being seriously messed up. I love Oprah, but would she ever do a movie that wasnt messed up?

    Did you read any of Wally Lambs book? Shes Come Undone is a classic. 😀 And what about The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time? 😀

  2. YES The series! I own the entire thing, hehe. I didn’t like the “continuation story” because (so far as I have read, 6 out of 8 ) it has no basis in the real books! At least the other Anne series were based on the books. I never read Dolly and the alike, hehe. I can’t remember if I ever read Wuthering Heights, I think I didn’t. lol oprah, seriously. No on the other two, too. Wow Connie, I should just get book reccomendations from you!! xD

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