I’m excited, y’all, maybe more excited than I should be. It is Thursday night and for once I have PLANS for the weekend! Hooray! :star:

This Friday I am driving up to Vanessa’s school and will proceed to mooch off of end of the year fesitivities held by friends of {Vanessa}, namely the consumption of alcohol and such. I plan to have an EXCELLENT time doing so, and will try to forget the fact that I have to go on a hike with my Bio Lab to Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary. Good part: it is really, 2 minutes away from my house (for ONCE something is close to me!! 😥 weep tears of JOY) so I can zoom home in my sleep deprived and possibly hung over state very quickly at the conclusion, whereas all the otha suckas have to drive 40 minutes back to Fullerton! Tee hee! :cheerful: I’m hoping we’ll get to see some tarantulas, because y’all… the tarantulas LOVE Santiago Canyon. But even more, I’m hoping it rains. 😎

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