New theme, more quotes, more albums

Wow, I’ve been a busy little beaver! Actually I’ve been working on a lot of this for a while. I added more quotes to the witty quotes generator. If you have some, you should leave it in a comment, or email me. And I added a new theme, it’s a bit darker and stuff than usual. Ironic since spring is coming on. 😎 Lastly, I revamped the currently listening to page, added a bunch of new albums and stuff. 🙂 That’s about it… enjoy. 😀

One thought on “New theme, more quotes, more albums

  1. I *like* your new theme, even if it *is* a bit dark. For example – I have no idea if I typed this in correctly because it’s black font on black background, which, I’m sure, will provide hours of ammusemment (oops, I *know* that’s wrong) when you read all the typpos we didn’t know we made. Yayness!

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