Get ready to crucify me.

Well, I’m really happy because {Greg} did NOT AT ALL JUST SEND ME my two favorite Kelly Clarkson songs so I don’t have to buy them. Weeee ^____^

And speaking of money, I am really low on cash ^_^;; WOO. I have about $50 in my account right now (actually I went to Walmart today, so make that $35) but I have a pay check in my possession that needs to be deposited. ANYWAY, in light of my poverty, I’ve been considering the unthinkable…

Putting ads on teh blog. I really don’t want to though, and that’s why I’m struggling. On the one hand, they could help pay for bandwidth and domain registration, but on the other hand, they’re so ugly and that’s why I bought a domain in the first place, so I wouldn’t have to look at fugly ads. But y’all, money is so tempting. I would love to have little text links in the sidebar unobtrusive… but therein lies the problem. If they are unobtrusive, no one will click on them and I will get no money. 🙁 OH DILEMMA.

Have any of you out there put ads on your sites? How did it go?

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