So conflicted.

Believe me, I can’t believe I’m saying this either. In the past, my favorite bands have included the likes of U2, REM, The Cure, Led Zepplin, etc. Old, depressing stuff for the musical elite. White boy music.

But lately I have been delving into the dangerous territory of modern pop music. I bought “Hot Fuss” by The Killers and fell IN LOVE. I bought the new Gwen album and was pleased. I’ve even begun watching that American Idol drivel with frightening dedication. And as a result, I may very soon be selling my soul to the devil because damnit, I’VE BEEN LISTENING TO THE RADIO AND ENJOYING IT. And now, the UNTHINKABLE is happening:

I’ve been thinking about buying the new Kelly Clarkson album.

I know, I KNOW. I HAVE ALREADY CONSIDERED A SHOT IN THE FACE MYSELF. But DAMMIT, I just can’t help it! I’ve listened to “Since U Been Gone” (U! SHE USES A FREAKEN U! GRRRRRRR) on {Daynah}’s about 4 times in the past 30 minutes. And now I’m starting it up for the fifth time. Take a gander at these CLEARLY DIVINELY INSPIRED LYRICS:

But since you been gone
I can breathe for the first time
I’m so movin’ on, yeah yeah
Thanks to you, now I get what I want
Since you been gone

“I’m SO movin’ on. Like, TOTALLY.” These lyrics don’t even make SENSE. I mean… I can’t even begin to explain why these lyrics don’t even make sense.

And I really like “Breakaway,” too. I’ve previewed the rest of the songs on the album with my iTunes, but I’m not too crazy about them. But what if I end up liking them upon closer acquanitance? Should I buy the whole album on the chance I will only like 2 of the 12 songs? Or should I just buy the two I already know I like for $2? Such a dilemma. 😕

And I think that the iTunes store should have special sales, where you can get 2 songs for the price of 1, or like… a special $.50 rack. You know, like they have at Tower and other music stores, how they have the special rack with all the shitty CDs in there for really cheap. ANOTHER epiphany! I’m on a role. iTunes should hire me.

“Since U Been Gone” listen count at the time of publishing: 854659349356 times.

2 thoughts on “So conflicted.

  1. yo erin, I actually bought the Kelly Clarkson CD and I like it…but maybe it’s because a lot of the songs deal with heartbreak and the past month has been filled with it. Anyway if you want I can send you the CD via Instant Message so that way you don’t have to go out and buy the CD. So anyway, let me know.

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