Crappy weekend had by all!

Firstly, Happy Valentine’s Day :madeup: Hope you all had a wonderful time with your loved ones. :loveeye:

Secondly, let me tell you. Let ME tell YOU. About my Sunday. Friday and Saturday passed by pretty uneventfully, but SUNDAY. Of course when Mike and I get together, things are bound to get rambunctious. I know this. But let me get on with the story.

The night before, I pretty much raked Mike over the coals about not having anything planned for Valentine’s day. He made excuses of course (work, school, tired, blah blah) but I didn’t buy them. I had been reminding him that it was coming for two weeks, that is more than enough time to at least find a restaraunt and make a reservation. At least. So after we talked, I felt pretty bad, like a complete superficial bitch that you always hear guys talking about, saying how they feel so pressured by their girlfriend to make awesome, outstanding plans for Valentine’s Day. I didn’t want to be one of those bitches. So I called Mike and apologized. He felt bad anyway, and Sunday morning planned out our day, since we were pretty sure a restaurant would be impossible to get on Valentine’s Day.

So Sunday morning we went to church (I wore the dress that he gave me for Christmas), and he decided to take me home to get a fancier outfit for dinner. So we did, bid farewell to my ‘rents, and drove away. As we were driving, we noticed that it sounded like something was grinding — really badly. We pulled over and looked under the car, nothing. Then I reminded Mike that it only happened when we were slowing down, so it might be the brakes. Compile the fact that Mike’s car is known for having crappy brakes, and you got yourself a recipe for disaster.

Continue we, driving toward the freeway, and okay everybody, the grinding was DEFINITELY getting worse. And I was DEFINITELY not going to drive ANOTHER BLOCK in this car. I convince Mike to pull over and call AAA for a tow. There goes our movie plans for the afternoon, but I’d rather arrive alive (than drink and drive!! Oh, I kill me…) AAA got there surprisingly quickly, about 15 minutes after we called. In the meantime, we could not get a hold of ANYONE in MIke’s family to pick us up. So finally I called my dad and of course, he was available. However, no sooner than my dad left the house to come and get us from the auto repair place than Mike’s mom called and offered to pick us up, since she was closer. So I called my Daddy and he was happy not to come and get us.

Mike’s parents dropped us off at church where my car was, and we decided to just use my ride the rest of the day. Next on Mike’s agenda was the beach, but WAIT! I left Mike’s present in his parent’s car! Luckily, they were at a small shopping center down the way, so we met up with them and grabbed the present, and decided to grab lunch while we were there. Mike and I ate a lovely lunch at Subway, and counted our quarters for the beach. I got the bright idea to back out of my parking spot as we’re counting and BASH! SLAM! HIT THE PARKED CAR BEHIND ME! Immediately commence me bawling inconsolably, and Mike trying in vain to comfort me. We don’t know whose car it is, but we correctly guess it belongs to the guy working at Subway that JUST MADE OUR SANDWICHES. Mike gives him my phone number, and drives us to the beach, while I weep silently (or not so silently) all the way. 😥

By the time we arrive at the beach, I am calm enough to enjoy our time there. Mike gets under the car and pounds out the dent with his bare fist, and I snap the bumper back into place. The only thing that needs replacing is the tail light lens. 😀 We spread a blanket out on the beach and exchanged presents… I gave Mike the Fullmetal Alchemist game and I drew a card for him. 😳 he gave me the Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Sampler set with all of the fragrances. Also got me some pajamas with Mickey on them.

After that we went back to Mike’s and he played his game while I vegged. Then we went to dinner at Bistango. It was so yummy! Mike ordered the Chilean Sea Bass and I got the New Zealand Rack of Lamb. Both were excellent, but I think I’ll get the Sea Bass next time. 😀 For an appetizer we got Lobster and Crab cake, and a chocolate souffle for dessert. So yummy! :star: Dinner went off without a hitch, in fact it was so lovely, I like to think of it as a separate day apart from the rest of that wretched Sunday. :smirk:

Hope your Valentine’s day was better than mine!!

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