About this domain.

Well, I’ve had this site for a while, so I thought I should write about this domain and etc. 🙂

I bought this domain from Netrillium I think in August of 2004 for $7.50. I already had a domain, but I was planning on having this one to host my blog, since I wanted it to be more private than my main domain allowed it to be. So I bought the cheapest plan I could find, which happened to be with Falconess Hosting. I heard about it from {DMB}. I loved this domain so! I loved it way more than pink-champagne.net, if only because I got about 100% less spam in my accounts. Finally in December, I decided to shut down pink-champagne.net because I had lost all interest in it, and only loved my little invisiblegirl.org. I decided to move my interesting content from pc.net to ig.org and buy more space from Candace. On January 12, 2005 I got tons more space and more bandwidth, thanks goodness, because I was already almost tapped out of bandwidth and only halfway through the month!

Now I am hosted with Falconess under the Solaris plan, with 150 MB of space and 3GB of bandwidth for only $2.50 a month. I really reccomend Falconess hosting!!

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