Added my Cosplay gallery!

As you all may or may not know, I used to have a site, Well, I decided to terminate that domain, and either purge or move the content to this new server. And while there are still a few more things to move over, I have to wait until my plan upgrade (to give me more space, hehe) takes effect. So I’ve been moving small things, like the 404 page, fanlistings (which I can’t post yet, I haven’t gotten the official move/open approvals from and yet), and also… my cosplay site. Isn’t the layout just lovely? Rachelle made it. 😳 Please check it out!

What is cosplaying? It is when anime/video game fans (or any fans of anything, really, but it’s usually only for anime and gaming) dress up like their favorite characters in elaborate outfits and wear them to conventions. Think Trekkies, only cooler. Haha, if only anime fans were cooler than Trekkies…!

One thought on “Added my Cosplay gallery!

  1. ^o^ Your costumes are very good…but I don’t really know much, I haven’t a clue about cosplaying. You look like Maranda Otto to me!(from Lord Of the Rings) I don’t know if I spelled her name right.

    O.O Your Utada skin is pretty! I think i’ll link to you so I can remember to come back here…

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