8 thoughts on “Christmas Presents!

  1. lol leah, i think i actually did say that when i first openened the package. xD I have to take another picture now that i got a pretty pink case for it!! xD

    And while i would prefer using Winamop to iTunes, why is iTunes evil?

  2. iTunes, moreover Apple, is evil because it’s a program designed be tied down with the iPod. You should be able to use any media player with your iPod and not have to transfer over, even for the purpose of shifting your music onto the player. I’m a big iRiver fan and I just have to use one line of batch code to update my msuic instead of another program.

  3. On a slightly more aesthetic note, I just don’t like the design of the itunes jukebox. It’s extremely klunky, what with five or six buttons spread about like holes in a golf course. It looks like they wasted space just to use more of that brushed metal effect. Another point for Winamp since it’s skinnable.

    note: I have an irrationally strong hatred for all things Apple.

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