The President.

Re-elected and it feels so good...

Now, I don’t post anything political usually, but I thought I should talk about this election, since people are being such babies about it: Bush won. He got the most popular votes and the most electoral college votes. There was nothing tricky or underhanded about it, Kerry just didn’t win. By the way, I’d like to point out what a great running mate Edwards was…

The Nation's Presidential Elections results
Wait… is North Carolina red?

Close up of North Carolina
YES IT ARE! Edwards couldn’t even hold his own STATE! I guess looks aren’t everything, eh? 🙂

(Thanks to for the images).

And to all of you that are threatening to move to Canada (eyes DMB and others) : Grow up. Seriously. You sound like a two year old, “Wah, I didn’t get my way, fine, I’m not going to have anything to do with you.” And by the way, Canada doesn’t want you. (Thanks to Bubs for the link. :D)


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  1. Hey now, that article you provided doesn’t say “Canada doesn’t want you.” It simply says that Americans have to wait in line just like everyone else and it’s not a simple process to citizenship, just like other countries (especially this one, I’ve heard a lot of horror stories). In fact that article states that “Gino Romanese” says that Canada is open to American immigration, but it’s likely to not become a trend. So, saying the country doesn’t want American immigrants is a little much, at least with that article you provided.

    Am I happy about the election? Not at all. If people wanted to leave the country, I wouldn’t blame ’em. If they don’t like the way the country is going and they’re fed up, then why not? I don’t think I’d call them two-year-olds, unless they were acting purely out of emotion and didn’t consider the pros and cons to moving. Basically there are a couple of options, which are a) change the way the country is or attempt to change it (which may be hard because the US is typically slow to change) or b) leave. There’s always “suck it up” and that may fit under a, but it has a different connotation, one that most anti-Bush people would not go for. Anyways.

    Will I move? I may have been included in your political rant based on pervious away messages and blogs, hehe. Well, I’m not so sure. At this point I’m saying “I’ll go where life takes me,” which could be anywhere really. It really depends on schooling/work and Tyler. But I am pretty unhappy with the choice in president for the next four years so if I think it gets too bad, I would consider it, but at this point I’m not making any promises either way. Like I said, I’ll go where life takes me. 🙂 See ya. <3

  2. I think it is valid to say that people who are whining about Bush winning and saying they’re going to move to Canada IS childish.

  3. It’s childish because when Clinton was in office for eight years, I don’t remember any Republicans getting all huffy and saying “Screw this! I’m going to Canada!” No. They were confident they would get the Presidency back the next time, and they did. Leaving the country and giving up on it just because you don’t like the way it’s going is stupid. If a person doesn’t like it, change it! Get involved. Don’t sit around here and whine, because that doesn’t do anybody any good.

  4. “I don’t remember any Republicans getting all huffy and saying ‘Screw this! I’m going to Canada!’ ”

    No, they said “screw this, let’s impeach him because of an overblown scandal.” (heh, I made a pun)

    And you have to be careful with the “get involved” argument because it assumes that the two groups will be able (or be willing) to work together. Wondering what I mean? Wait until the Supreme Court seats are filled.

    You could always apply for political asylum to move to Canada. (ad hominem: say that you’re in danger of having your rights taken away because you’re a logical thinker.)

    Aside: “URI” did they rename it “universal resource indicator” while I was out? (check the entry fields for posting)

  5. Well, if you think about it, Canada wouldn’t be a good place for Republicans to go, unless they wanted to move to Alberta. I don’t really think there’s a Republican safe-haven in the world. Canada is more liberal than the US and they have higher taxes, universal healthcare, more personal freedom – all things that Republicans hate, haha. They wouldn’t be very happy there to say the least.

    And that’s why I said an option is to attempt to change the country. But it’s a person’s right to leave if he wants to if he feels things won’t get much better. I don’t consider that just complaining. We do have a lot of lobbyists for liberal issues but as many as there are, there are just as many conservative ones to counter them. I guess it’s just a difference of opinion, but I really don’t think that immigrating to Canada is something childish if someone is really distraught with the way the country is going. I don’t even think it will really happen with a lot of people anyway, people just get upset and threaten to do so. Maybe that in itself is childish (because it’s just a lot of talk), but deciding to move to a different country because you don’t like the one you’re from isn’t childish; you’re just trying to find a place that will make you happier.

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