“Doesn’t that sound like an attack in an anime or something?” I asked Mike this morning.

But Lucky Strike is actually the name of a bowling alley/club type thing.

This week I’ve been spending a lot of time watching anime, which is why I would make such a retarded comment. ^_^; So far, I’ve watched about 21 episodes of Full Moon wo Sagashite (Searching for a Full Moon), an episode for each of Beck and Bleach, 9 episodes of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars, and I finished off Aishiteruze Baby. So yes, I’m in anime heaven, even though most of the anime can’t really be classified as good anime, haha. Oh well. :d I guess time for all of that is coming to an end though, because I have lots of things to do for school next week… mo. 🙁 I’m really getting hooked on Full Moon, even though it’s a sappy shoujo anime. I guess I like those best, ehhh? xD

I also recently joined Blog Explosion, and I like it a lot. 😀 Most of the blogs on there are worth reading. I guess I’ll plug the ones I have BlogMarked, hehe. 😀 What else am I going to do? STUDY?! xD — hm, not exactly sure why I BlogMarked this one, lol. But they are Canadian bloggers, they have some funny stuff on there. 🙂

NiteOwl besides spelling night lazily, this guy is pretty funny. This guy, too.

Okay, this one is actually interesting, I promise. Motoki Log is a blog about a baby that was born 15 weeks prematurely. That’s right folks, over 3 months early. I read the story on it, I was really very touched. From what I gathered, baby and momma are located in Japan.

Electric Mist has some generally interesting stories, I always enjoy visiting it. And this lady’s husband is in Iraq. Poor thing, pray for her. :

I guess that’s all for now, BYE BYE!

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