Conversation with Tyler…

Excerpts from our conversation, which I though were funny.

x my rin: there’s beaches in canada?
tyler: There’s one five blocks from here.
tyler: But it’s a lake.
tyler: lakes != fun
x my rin: i’ve been to lakes before
x my rin: there are no waves
x my rin: well, there are, but they’re like… ankle height
x my rin: they have no POWA
tyler: Which, really, is the point of going.
tyler: Water isn’t fun unless it’s trying to kill you.

Talking about LG phones:

x my rin: My dad has one, I so lust after it
tyler: I think you should carve an exact copy out of a bar of soap,
swap it with his phone and run like hell.
x my rin: lmao!

Computers can be whores:

tyler: *hugs computer*
tyler: But not too tight, because this computer is a dirty whore.
It’s shared by the family.

Talking about which planet Tyler should name his computer after, and why I know the names of planets and their moons…:

x my rin: You know why I know all of this?
tyler: I hope it’s not because of what I’m thinking.
tyler: Why?
x my rin: Sailor Moon.
x my rin: :DDDDDD
tyler: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking -_-
x my rin: YAYYYY

And a fun fact…:

tyler: Hm, right now I’m thinking Jove.
x my rin: Jove? What planet is that?
tyler: It’s an old name for Jupiter.
tyler: Also used to refer to God.
x my rin: So that’s where By Jove comes from!
tyler: e.g. “By Jove!”
tyler: Exactly.
x my rin: Wow. That is amazing.
tyler: I think that comes close to reflecting the awesomeness of my
to-be computer.

Talking about the coolest pirate of them all… Sir Francis Drake:

tyler: I’m also thinking about calling it “Drake”
tyler: After Sir Francis Drake
x my rin: What did he do?
x my rin: hehe
tyler: He was an english explorer.
tyler: And best of all, a pirate.
x my rin: anticipating my ignorance!
tyler: That’s right, a pirate.
tyler: He’s not one of those new sexy pirates. He’s the cool
kill-you-and-steal-your-stuff pirates.

A naval theme?:

tyler: Hm, this naval theme might be interesting.
x my rin: haha
tyler: If I wanted to be corny I could write a quick program called
“walk the plank” that, when executed, opens the CD-ROM tray.
x my rin: lol!!

The end. 🙂