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I didn’t know I could have password protected entries until I saw one on Dodo’s blog. That’s cool. 😀 Now I can write more stuff! Right now it’s friday morning… and I’m up so early. x.X Oh yeah! I registered for my classes yesterday. :3 I’m so excited about going to school again, not! I can’t believe I’m going to be in my second year of college… how crazy! I’m taking more units this semester, too. I want to get the hell out of Fullerton! lol. I think I may take intersession, or maybe an online class during intersession, and maybe a summer school class at Saddleback or something so I can get all my units and transfer to UCI in Fall 2005. *crosses fingers* For now, here’s my schedule:

World Civ Since The 16c 110B MWF 0800AM-0850AM Lec Nyaggah, M.

Intro To Lit 200 MWF 0900AM-0950AM Lec (unknown Professor, lol)

Intro To American Studies 201 MWF 1100AM-1150AM Lec Axelrad, A. M.

The Bible As Literature 312 MWF 1200PM-1250PM Disc Hipolito, J. W.

Introduction to Logic 106 MW 0100PM-0215PM Disc Battaly, H.

I’m kind of excited, I’ll be out of there by 2:30 now instead of 4:00 like last semester. 😛 That sucked. I’m nervous though, it’s not going to be as easy… last 2 semesters I had all 100 level classes. Now I have 2 100, 2 200, and a 300! I was going to look up the course descriptions in my little book, but now I can’t find it… damn, that thing was expensive. :O I’m kind of excited about the Bible as Literature class… It should be fun. ^_^;; Does anyone know what the difference between a Lecture and a Discussion is? Will I actually have to discuss? Oh God. 😯 What did I get myself into? 😥 Dang, how could I lose that book? It’s a freaken beast of a book.

Ah! Here it is. 😀

History 110B… I know what that’s about. I took 110A my first semester. It’s gonna suck, but I need it. Intro to lit… “An introduction to the study of fiction, drama and poetry. Concentration on the critical understanding of literary types rather than on their historical development.” Nothing new there.

Bible as Literature: “Prerequisite: Completion of GE dategory III.B.2.” Uh oh. Damn! I’m going to complete that this semester! I wonder if that counts? Grr. Okay. Well, if I WAS taking it, it would be about: “Literary qualities of biblical literature and the influence of major themes upon Western literary traditions.” Aw, that sounds so interesting. 😥 Okay, moving on.

Intro to Logic: “The logical structure of language and correct reasoning: deduction, induction, scientific reasoning, and informal fallacies.” Aw dang… I can tell this one is going to suck.

**Edit** I fixed my schedule, now it is as follows:

History 110B World Civ Since The 16c Lec MWF 0800A-0850A Nyaggah, M.

English 200 Intro To Lit Lec MWF 0900A-0950A (unknown instructor)

Asian American Studies 201 Hist Asian Pacific Americ Disc MWF 1000A-1050A (unknown instructor)

American Studies 201 Intro To American Studies Lec MWF 1100A-1150A Axelrad, A. M.

Philosophy 106 Introduction to Logic Disc MW 0100P-0215P Battaly, H.

Yay! I actually like this schedule better. Now I have a lunch break, I can go to anime club (!!), and I don’t have any scary 300 level classes, and I have 15 units!

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  1. Erin!! Still in Colorado, but I’ll be home tomorrow, whee. 🙂 It went by really fast actually, and it seems like that visiting Tyler in Canada thing was months ago. ^_^; Anyway, I wanted to say that logic is soooo much fun. Gosh, that was one of my favorite classes my first semester, and I’m taking symbolic logic this semester! <3 I’m a freak I know. ^_^ But it is fun, now you can join Tyler and I when we argue about syllogisms! Sounds fun, I know. ^_^ See you Monday, hopefully!

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