F*ck authority.

I have no idea why that is the title of this entry.

I’m pretty much almost done with the Freya costume. I finished the ears last night, and I just need to fancify (good word? I thought so, too) the headband and attach them to it. I was contemplating lacing red ribbon ballerina style on my legs, but I’m not sure yet. I’ll post pics once it’s done… Also when it’s done, and AX is over and done with, I plan on posting it to my cosplay site (whose layout will hopefully be done by then) and also including instructions on how to make persocon ears. From what I gather, most people A) Make them out of plastic or B) buy them. I made mine out of fun foam. They’re light (won’t get on my nerves) and easy to make.

What else. Not much going on around here…

2 thoughts on “F*ck authority.

  1. Hmm I never heard of a Freya what is it? Thanks for the comment on my site. I’ll hold you to that little tea party for writing stories with no endings 😉

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