My freaky ass dream

This is how my dream went. So, I was taking my finals, and I had a break, so I decided to go to Mike’s house, only it was in Azusa. It was exactly like their San Clemente house in my dream, except bigger, and it looked different than it does in real life. But in my dream, they were the same, except for this one was bigger. So I went there, and Tom [my ex-boyfriend] was living there. And I was like, I dunno, I knew he was supposed to be there. Which is weird… why would Tom be living in Mike’s house? Anyway, but he wasn’t there yet when I got there, so I went to sleep.Then he came back from working out and was really surprised to see me there and he had this girl with him, and I think they were going to have sex, but then she left when she saw me. So we talked for a while, and he went somewhere I think. Then Mike came, and told me, “Erin, Greg is dead.” He said that something happened at school and he was shot or something, and that he was going to go home now to the house in San Clemente. So then I was all upset and crying and Tom was comforting me. I have never seen his face so clearly in my mind before. Not even when we were together could I see his face this clearly in my mind. He was smiling, it was really weird. So then Vivian [Mike’s Mom], Georgia, and Adeline [Mike’s Aunts] were there and they were suprised to see us there. Then I realized I missed my last final, but I figured they would understand, and Vivian said that she came there so that there would be more room for all the people, I guess there was going to be a lot of people. Then I saw greg’s dead body being carried by some people in a blanket, it looked like a scene from one of those terrorist bombings you see on TV, people running and carrying dead corpses. That’s all I remember. 😮 If that isn’t a freaky ass dream, I don’t know what is. The fact that Tom was in it and someone close to me died as well shook me up a bit this morning. Interpretations welcome.

3 thoughts on “My freaky ass dream

  1. Hmm…so I guess I’d better buy a flak jacket! It’s nice to know that even you would be sad if I died.

  2. Ahhhhh! Are you trying to give me a heart attack Erin?!?!? Eeesh! I…don’t know what to say to that exactly, except that I’m glad it was only a dream.

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