Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day everyone! And i’m going to celebrate it by going to the beach. 🙂 I’ll remember the veterans that saved our country there!! No really though, I will. 🙂

Friday we couldn’t go to the beach because it was too cloudy. 🙁 So I went to Mike’s house and we started watching Return of the King. Then Kristin went home and picked up her little brother so he could watch it, too. But we had to restart it for him. So after that Kristin and her little brother Carter (he’s soooo cute, I just want to pinch his cheeks!!) had to go home, so Mike, Greg, Mike’s parents, and I went to this little jazz restaurant down the street. It was okay, really expensive. There was this lady there that kept going “WOOOOOOOO!!” She was drunk. After that we rented a few movies, and we watched one of them when we got home: Love Actually. I liked it, very cute. 🙂

Saturday the weather finally permitted us to go to the beach! We were going to meet Vanessa there, but there was so much traffic that our plans ended up getting all messed up, so we ended up not meeting her there. 🙁 Sorry ne. 🙁 After that, Mike and I went back to his house and got ready to go to Merlin’s Magic show for Gabe and Mandy’s 5th anniversary. Gabe and Mandy are Cheyenne and Re-re’s parents, and Chey went with us on Houseboats last summer. This was Kristin’s first time meeting the family, and although she was pretty nervous I think she did alright. I loved seeing Mike’s family, they’re all so cute. I just really need to learn their names!! It’s so hard, there’s so many of them. 🙁 I love Mike’s grandfather, Al, he’s just so cute! Anyway, after the pretty lame magic show, we went to Adeline’s house and opened Gabe and Mandy’s presents. Then we headed home! We watched Second String at home, it sucked. 🙂

Sunday we went to church, which was pretty fun. Kristin also went to college group on Sunday morning for the first time with us, and got to meet all of our church friends. I wonder how she liked it. 🙂 After church, some of us changed and we drove up to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena and went to a jazz festival that they had there. It was sooo blazing hot, but I think we had a pretty decent time. There was tons of food and booths selling stuff that we weren’t too bored. Mike and I both saw hats that we wanted, but they were so expensive. 🙁 Then I got an airbrush tattoo, and it has come off already. 😛 Oh well. 🙂 We went home and got there around 6:30 or so. At home we watched Miracle, which bored me. 😛 Maz came over about halfway through it, then we talked and whatnot, and Maz took me home because I was too tired to drive. Thanks Maz! 🙂

Now I’m waiting for Vanessa to come online so I can tell her about the beach today. Chris Steele told us about it, so I wonder who’s going to be there. Aliso Creek isn’t really my favorite beach, but oh well. 🙂 Oh I’m listening to “YEAH” right now! It’s pretty much the dumbest song ever, but I can’t help LOVING it!! :D!!

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  1. AHHH SMILIES ATTACK! Hehe, seriously though, that post had the most smilies in it ever. Sorry I couldn’t come to the beach today, I’m sure you guys had fun. I had a fun time with the family at our pool party.. *shrug*? I actually slept most of the time, like I always do, hehe. Anyway see you later!

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