Mike’s computer just freaked out on me 🙁 Speaking of which, the time on it is wrong *fixes* Anyway, as I was saying. Hell day is over! I got my ass up to Fullerton at 7 AM 🙁 The parking lot was kind of crowded, so I decided to stay there all day. I took my geo exam, which was harder than our last one. It wasn’t a cumulative final, it was just like a regular test. Then I tried to drop my poli sci final off at my prof’s office, but he wasn’t there yet. So I went to the TSU and found a corner to plug the laptop in and snuggle down for a good 4 hours of doing nothing. I guess that’s not true — I watched Onegai Teacher (Please Teacher), studied for my art exam, and worked on my essay a bit, and attempted to listen to music (but Mike’s laptop is possessed). Then at noon I went to my poli sci exam and dropped off my final. I hope I did okay on it. 🙁 Then I went to the bookstore and bought the next semester’s coursebooklet thing. Then I met Byron for lunch, which was pretty cool. It’s nice not to be by myself at school all the time. We talked about class and different stuff, what everyone is up to, etc. He expressed an interest in hanging out with the whole crew a lot over the summer, but we’ll see if that actually happens. They tend to be really wishy-washy in making plans. 🙂 Anyway, after that I studied a little more for my art exam and decided which classes I should think about taking next semester. I was thinking of taking 15+ units next semester… I want to get out of Fullerton! lol. I need to find out — oh my gosh that scared me, lol. Mike’s housekeeper just came upstairs and I thought she wasn’t here, but she is, lol. That was funny, I’m an idiot. Anyway, I need to find out when I can sign up for classes. WTF, Mike’scomputer won’t let me go to the Fullerton portal. It takes me to the page, then some search engine redirects me. How foolish. Anyway.

Then I took my Art exam (which took me a grand total of 15 minutes — seriously) and returned my books. I got $12 for two books, wow. Go crazy. After that I went to Mike’s house and waited for him to get home from work. I wacted more Onegai Teacher and worked on my English essay. I know, fun. 🙂

Then Mike got home and we watched some Queer Eye, then American IDOL! I was so sad Fantasia won, seriously. I really wanted Diana to win, although I knew she wouldn’t. I really don’t think that Fantasia has a good voice, and for most of the song she just says “YEAH YEAH YEAH,” she doesn’t even sing the song. And she puts too many rolls in her notes. Two of my biggest pet peeves about artists these days. Oh well, Diana will have a great career anyhow. 🙂 Anyway, I need to hurry and finish my essay so I can watch more Onegai teacher before Mike gets home 😀

2 thoughts on “Grrr

  1. Eww, both of them sucked hardcore, especially Fantasia. It was whiney/nasally/off-key voice versus raspy/off-key voice. Who will win? Ooooh. 😛 Wait, why am I even talking about this? I’m going to go thrash myself thoroughly with a whip in front of a crucifix now. Just kidding, I won’t… or will I… See you tomorrow. 😀 *lucky she’ll be wearing a rash-guard to hide the scars on her back*

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