Yesterday was so fun!

I can’t remember what we did Friday. Oh yeah! We went shopping and bought Crabby McCrabberton for Byron for his birthday, which he renamed Julio. (POLL: WHICH IS A BETTER NAME: CRABBY MCCRABBERTON OR JULIO?) That party was fun just because it satisfied my curiosity as to how people were doing. Terinn got a haircut; Kevyn dyed her hair and got a tat; Parker is a bit heavier, not in college but taking online courses and possibly has a girlfriend in Maryland; Alison and Ryan have broken up but Alison is getting along fine, although its awkward; Byron is having fun with his frat and glad school is almost over; and Vanessa, Mike and I are all the same I guess. 🙂 I already know about them since I’m with them all the time, hehe. When we went shopping I also bought a tube top and two skirts ;D!

Saturday Mike, Jack, and I went to the beach, and Vanessa met us there later. It was good times, Mike and Jack set up a badminton court (yes, Badminton), played frisbee, went in the water (so did I) but Vanessa and I mostly talked throughout all this. It was a lot of fun, though, I’m glad she was there.

We talked about going to San Fran this summer since Mike Fitch is being a poop, with Tyler and Mike, but Mike says he’s pretty sure he can’t go. That makes me sad, but maybe just Vanessa, Tyler, and me can go. I still don’t really know Ty all that well, and maybe this will give me a chance to get to know him better. I offered my sister Teresa’s apartment as a place to stay, I just have to figure out dates and make sure it’s okay with her (which I’m sure it will be). I was really disappointed Mike couldn’t go, but he does have school, and he really wants to focus on it. I’m proud of him that he is taking this cooking so seriously, but I just wish that he could come with us. 🙁

After that we went back to Mike’s and Jack went home, and we watched a bit of Romy and Michelle, Jurassic Park, then we pay-per-viewed Cheaper by the Dozen. All in all it was a pretty fun day.

Today I have to go church and teach (although it’s Bible jeopardy, so it shouldn’t be too hard), and then I’m going to study while Mike is at our Sunday school meeting. Tomorrow I have to study and Tuesday I’m not working so I can study more. Wednesday is the dreaded day — finals!!

Also I’ve been working on my “Since you went away” fanlisting. It’s still in testing, but you can view it here.