It’s been a while…

Thanks for the comment: no one!!

So guys… time to start commenting, lol.

What’s up with me? Basically my spring break sucked. I worked everyday at a job I hate. But you know what? It was worth it! Because now I don’t have to work for… get ready… 11 days! I know, I’m excited too. And I’m also really excited because I got The Warning Sign Fanlisting!. Maybe I shouldn’t be announcing it yet… I’m just so excited that I finally finished it, hehe. Thanks Katie for giving it to me. ^^ Oh damn! I was going to do this new photoblog project but I forgot about it. Ah! I have so much to do for my site! I need to:

  • make a new layout for Why can’t I be you?
  • find people to host on it. I’m going to let people have a page and show off their costumes. Interested? Drop me a line or leave a comment.
  • Make a new layout for my daily grind page (which I’m renaming to my photoblog or something… “visible invisible girl: the photoblog,” lol)
  • add more quotes and lyrics to utterances
  • update my blog semi-regularly!

What am I doing here? I gotta get going! ta! ;D