I just got called in to go to work. My boss asked me if I wanted to come in, and I don’t really, but I’m a pushover and I said sure. I was really looking forward to having the day off, but I need the money, I suppose. So I told them I’d come in after lunch. That still gives me half the day to laze around and do nothing. I wonder if I could call them back and say just kidding, I don’t want to come in? XD

On friday I did go to see Mike in Azusa, but I’m stupid and I left at 4. So I didn’t get there until 6. :p I brought “Chasing Amy” with me, a flick by Kevin Smith [Mallrats], and we went and got pizza and just chilled. It was good because we really missed each other, hehe. I came when his practice for baseball was almost over, and his team was like whistling at me and whatnot. It was really embarrassing and I still can’t decide if it was funny or offending. ^_^;

Saturday Mike had a doubleheader. He skipped out on the second one because he had a headache and came to see me. He surprised me, lol. I hadn’t even showered yet! So we went over to Mike’s casa and chilled so he could see his parents or something. We watched The Mask of Zorro, some Berserk and we watched the 2nd disk’s outtakes. OMG. They were soooo funny. Watch them if you ever get the chance. “Iocane Powder. I bet my life on it!” And the singing. lmao.

Sunday I skipped church :o! And went to the swap meet with Vanessa, Terinn and Courtney. I had a lot of fun, hehe. I got a pink hat, a tinkerbell necklace, a ring with a star on it and those shoes… You know the ones I mean. With the netting and like the sequins sewed on? Whatever. They’re cute. And even though Mikey tried, Krisie didn’t show up to church. She partied too hard the night before. He yelled at her about it yesterday, hehe. She says she’s coming to our Superbowl party, but let’s see if she actually does. 😮 So yeah, we went to Olive Garden for lunch *drool* And then to Mike’s. He studied and then we took a nap on the sofa. Then we watched more Berserk. I have a theory about Berserk: Guts and Griffith are so gay for each other. Seriously. XD Then Mike went to school. 🙁 On the way to my car we stopped at In N Out and we saw Cody Campbell’s dad stop by with the Fire Dept.

Monday I worked. Hehe wow that’s interesting! I’m also working on a new layout, but it’s not quite working out the way I want it to. In order to do what I want, it requires using iFrames, and I don’t want to do that. Because then I’ll have ads galore. 😛 So I dunno. We’ll see what happens.

Oh yeah, as I said before, Mike and I are having a Superbowl party at his house. So if you don’t have anything to do, come on over! We’ll have food and stuff, and of course… Football…