I have an argument to make.

I’m tired of people saying that you only regret the risks in life you didn’t take. That’s just not right! I regret plenty of things I did in my life! Sure, I also regret some things I didn’t do, but mostly I regret that one thing. I knew better, and I shouldn’t have done it. I know that’s not a very compelling argument, but I don’t want to get into too much detail. I know people always say that you’re a better person for going through something bad, but I would have liked to avoid the badness, because I don’t see myself as a better person because of it. Probably Mike only knows what I’m talking about, but yeah. Sometimes you do regret the things you did, it would have been better to not know.

By the way, I really like the diva full opera mix from the fifth element. Sucky movie, but good song. 🙂