hi time for a real post

I really like my calendar function up there. 😀 Right now I’m listening to “Let’s hear it for the boy” by Deniece Williams. Tonight is the Christmas party for work, and I have to wrap my secret santa’s present. I don’t know if my outfit is dressy enough, but I like it. I have to take lots of pictures tonight, so I can get my film developed for my history project! haha. I just got an email from my sister that asked my brother and I if we wanted to go to Disneyland while she was here, she said that Dustin wanted to go. I thought… sure, why not, hehe. I wish Mike was going to be here so he come with us. Going to Disneyland is like one of those typical boyfriend-girlfriendish type activities everyone does, and we haven’t yet! And plus the idea of spending a whole day with my brother is unsettling. I’m excited to see Teresa though, she’s fun to be around.

Well, yesterday was one of the worst days I’ve had in a long time. :p Thursday was too. I’ll start with Thursday. I went to work, and Mike said he was going to come out after work and spend some time with me. But because he didn’t study that day for his spanish final, his mom got really upset at him and said he should be at school studying, which was true. Still, I was super disappointed because I really wanted to see Mike, and I wanted him to have made it so that he could spend the evening with me.

Then Friday I didn’t have Speech [YAY] so I went to Math class after sleeping in an hour. <3 I got to Math, and looked through my folder, and realized [or so I thought] that I had not printed my History paper out. So I ran out of class and called my mom and had her email it to me. On my way to the library, Matt, this kid from my Speech class, said that he and some other people from history had gone over our take home test, and would I like the answers? Of COURSE I would, but I was in a hurry, so I grabbed his digits and told him I would call him later. So I went to the library, opened the paper, and the format was ALL messed up. So I had to fix it. Then, I wanted to print it out, but I had no money on my Titan card, and that's what they use to pay. So I go up to the guy with change, and he said that he would let me print it out, but next timeI had to have money on my card. So it printed, and I had 10 minutes until History starts. I jet over there, and look in my backpack for my notebook... and there, sitting nicely with my notebook, was my paper that I had printed out on Wednesday night. I was so mad at myself. Now, not only had I embarrassed myself at the library, I missed the final review for math, all for nothing. Oh well I guess, life goes on! After history, Mike was going to meet me for lunch. I got out of history early, and called Matt to meet up for the Speech final answers [I'm so mean :(]. He had gotten out of class early too, so we went over to the TSU, he was going to eat lunch while I got the answers. We talked a bit, and I called Mike to tell him where I was while this guy was getting money out of the ATM. As I was hanging up, I said, "I love you," to Mike, like we always do, and the guy was like, "Oh, it's the elusive boyfriend, eh?" He sounded kind of disappointed. He started asking about Mike, etc. So I got the answers, and Mike met us in the TSU. Matt headed out and Mike and I had lunch. Then I went to Psychology, and I forgot to turn my cell phone off. Class hadn't started yet when Mike called, but it was so loud that I was frantic to get out of class, and I knocked my drink over. GREAT COULD THIS DAY GET ANY WORSE?! So I ran to the bathroom [on the other side of the building] to get paper towels. I made three trips and used like 4 newspapers, but it still didn't get all cleaned up. Good enough for me. The thing that made me sad was that no one offered to help me. I would have offered if that happened to someone. So, by this time I was really embarrassed and I just wanted to crawl in a dark corner and cry, but I couldn't leave because after class my teacher had an assignment for those of us who didn't finish our psych hours. I got my assignment after class and bolted to APU. There, I helped Mike study for Spanish, and then after his test we went to my house and watched Joan of Arcadia. So, overall, it was a pretty crappy day, but at least I made it out alive. I should be studying...