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Your anime hair color is green.

What is your anime hair color?
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Led Zeppelin III
Led Zeppelin III

You are very different from the first 2 Zep albums.
You are thoughtful, gentle and genuine. You are
an incredibly underrated gem, and you are
overflowing with acoustic sensitivity and
poetic feelings.

What Led Zeppelin album are you?
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John Paul Jones
John Paul Jones!

Which member of Led Zeppelin are you most like?
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-which song by QUEEN are you?! AH!!!!!

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You're John Lennon!
I’m John Lennon! I’m outgoing, witty, charming, a
real activist, and very cute. All you need is

Which Beatle best suits your personality?
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Rhett Butler
You are Rhett Butler. You refuse to change your
personality to appeal to the masses and cannot
stand the hypocrisy in society. You will do
anything in your power to make sure that you
get what you want.

Which Character from ‘Gone With The Wind’ are you?
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I'm natural bubble tea!
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If I were a wine I would be…

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this is my way to live

What about yours?
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My ideal mate is Aragorn!

Who is your Ideal Lord of the Rings (male) Mate?
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