Weekend report!

I hate how blogger lies. They say they’re going to save a post, and then it doesn’t. Bitches.

Anyway, like I was saying, Friday I had to schedule my classes for the next semester. Only, because I got the shaft in registration times, I got the shaft in my classes. All the ones I wanted were full, so this is how my schedule looks now:

GEOG-110: Physical Geography MW 8.30AM-9.45AM Engstrom, W. N.
POSC-100: American Government MWF 11.00AM-11.50AM Stambough, S. J.
ENGL-101: Beginning College Writing MWF 12.00PM-12.50PM Instructor??
ART-101: Introduction To Art MW 2.30PM-3.45PM West, E.

So yeah, I have big fatty breaks and I shouldn’t even be TAKING English! That’s what I took the AP for! So I have to tell Santa Margarita to send them my score, and then I have to make an appointment with academic advising and tell them to cut the crap. 😛

After school, I hung out doing nothing for a long while, then Mike and I made plans to rent a movie and watch it here. So I went and rented Mallrats! the best movie EVAR. And we watched it and cuddled. ^_^

Saturday was a GREAT day! Mike had to study until 11, then he came and picked me up. We got gas and Wendy’s and were on our way for a funfilled day in LA! We hit traffic in La Mirada and it didn’t let up for a while. : But that’s okay! We finally made it to the LACMA [That’s Los Angeles County Museum of Art, which I didn’t know is right next to the Brea Tarpits, which do not look like tar by the way]! We looked at the Buddhist art exhibit for my assignment in history, then we waited for Vanessa and her friend Kelly to come, and we went into the Modern and PostModern art floors. When we were waiting outside Mike and I went into the gardens where we saw many Rodin sculptures, and a sculpture by Calder. Yayyyyy!!! It was great, I had so much fun. 😀 After that, Vanessa had to go back to school, and Mike and I decided not to leave LA yet. We went to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and the Kodak Theatre, which is right next door. We browsed around and stuff, it was fun. Then we headed home, where we hit the USC vs UCLA game traffic. Kill. -_- It was a GREAT day!

Sunday we went to church, and since it’s like… Thanksgiving week, the pastor wanted people to like, thank God for good things this year. So people got up and thanked God and the church and stuff, and Mike’s dad got up and thanked God that Mike is still getting better, and he thanked God for Mike’s girlfriend [me]. I was so embarrassed I turned like, 80 shades of red. Yeah. 🙂 Then after first service, while Mike and I were in Sunday school, [which was a very good one, by the way] some lady asked Mike’s mom when they’re going to announce something to the church. Mike’s mom was like ‘uh, what are you talking about?’ and the lady was like, ‘A marriage of course!’ and she was like ‘Oh, not yet,’ haha. I was like, damn people… this is California, not Kentucky… Then Mike and I studied and cuddled and he went back to school. 🙁

I don’t have school this week yayy! Today I’m cleaning my room and doing laundry and homework, tomorrow I have to work, Wednesday I have to clean the house and Teresa is coming home, and I’m also going to lunch with Ne. 😀 Thursday is Thanksgiving, Friday Mike and I might be going to Condom Revolution with Vanessa, Terinn, Brian and Byron. I don’t know if we want to go yet.

I probably shouldn’t have written that since Mike’s dad somehow knows I have a blog, hehe. Maybe I should stop posting at work during lunch. ^_^; That’s like, combining the How not to get fired for blogging and Mom finds out about blog.