Bored links.

Tyler sent me these links a while ago for when I was bored at work. I meant to post them, but then I… didn’t…

throw the wad of paper into the trashcan!! — need I say more?
try to find a pair words on google that have only one result

enjoy 🙂

Right now, I’m listening to Travis sing “Baby One More Time” and it makes me laugh. 😀 You know what also makes me laugh? Vanessa’s blog. It is HEEEELArious. And speaking of Vanessa’s blog, it’s time for the daily copying of Vanessa’s blog!:

Your soul is bound to the Glass Rose: The

“My heart lies somewhere between perfection
and dust. And while my soul is a sight to
behold, I shatter at the blink of an

The Glass Rose is associated with perfection,
beauty, and frailty. It is governed by the
goddess Aphrodite and its sign is the Looking
Glass, or Tenuous Love.

As a Glass Rose, you have a beautiful soul and
naturally attract people to you. Love comes
naturally to you, but it hardly ever lasts.
Though you embody the perfect form of love,
your own faults are your own undoing.

What Rose Is Your Soul Bound To?
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How true…