Hi boys and girls!

I like how i had the same away message up for like, 3 days, lol. Well! I figured out the source of my nausea — I am sick! Thursday night I was up basically all night vomiting. From 9:30 pm to 5 am, every hour on the hour. 🙂 Friday my mommy took me to the doctor and he assessed that I have a viral infection in my stomach. My fever was 100.7 degrees, and he gave me some meds to take. Funniest part: I was to drink liquid [water, 7up, juice] every 15 minutes in a shotglass. 🙂 The reason is because if I drink a lot of something, it would probably upset my stomach and I would just lose it, and I need to get hydrated. That would bring down the fever and make my headache go away. 🙂 So every fifteen minutes I drank water from my brother’s something awful shot glass. 🙂 Also, this medication my doctor is making me take is for ulcers, haha. I don’t have an ulcer, but yeah… the medication… And Mike came and visited me for a second. 🙂 He can’t really hang out with me too much since the virus is contagious, and his immune system is not that strong [obviously], but he came to see me last night. I was sleeping on the couch and he started stroking my hair, and I was soo happy to see him. ^^ I didn’t expect him to come over at all. It felt nice because his hand was cold, hehe. He brought me Hershey Kisses because he can’t kiss me, and a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar, because I love those. 😀

Then today I woke up early and watched ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s,’ I’ve only seen the end before, hehe. I also watched the end of ‘The Princess Diaries,’ and a bunch of other great TV. 🙂

I missed a test on Friday. I hope my teacher lets me make it up. :
So yeah… that’s it. 😀 ‘Go Lions! Grrrrrreart!’