yayyyyyyyyyyyyy quizzzzzzzzzzz and a post too i guess


?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
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Congradulations your Hansel!

Which Zoolander Character Are You?
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so I finished all the episodes of Kenshin I have, and I must say that I need more. I’m up to episode 30, and for those of you who are familiar with Kenshin, you know that it is a pivotal and horrible point to stop at, lol. I need to find the rest of them this weekend. 🙂

In other anime watching news, I got the last dvd of KareKano, and I must say I was really disappointed. I didn’t feel like the series was concluded, but oh well. What do you expect from the makers of Evangelion? I suppose it’s more realistic that way, but yeah… I want more. 🙁 I wanted way more Arima + Yukino interaction than I got, and I wanted way more explanation for their intimacy. Losers.

I love this skin, because Utada Hikaru is wearing a Smiths shirt:

East meets west. 🙂 [By the way, don’t be lame and steal this image and make your own skin from it. Just download it: haruka.nu]

Ja for nowww.