I just had a great day.

It started out not so good, though. Woke up and went to work, and realized that I couldn’t really work because I was still feeling crappy. So I went home at lunch, and slept until about 3. I talked to Mike at around 3, and he’s like ‘oh, I think I’ll go drive around for a while.’ So I decided to make myself some lunch and watch some t.v. I had gone upstairs to chill at the computer for a while when there was a knock on the door. Open it up, and who is there? Mike! Ohh my gosh I was sooo surprised and happy. He had called me a few minutes before, saying he drove down to Tommy’s by City of Hope, so I didn’t expect to see him at all. But, since baseball had been cancelled today, and he had no more classes, he decided to come and visit me. Mike is the best. ^^ That made my week!! After dinner, he had to go back to school, but I had a great afternoon.

Speaking of atrocities in music, since when does The Cure sell their music for commercial use? Since HP started using Pictures of You for their stupid digital photography promotion. I’m upset at HP for wanting the song and I’m upset at whoever in The Cure franchise decided that would be a good idea.

Ahh I’m watching VH1’s ‘I love the 80’s Strikes Back’ and What the hell is this?!
What happened to Boy George?!
I just don’t understand. He looked fine on MTV’s ‘Cribs’ a couple years ago. See? I can deal with that. But his new look… hurts. And ‘The Donger’ is on it, lol. Also, Flava Flav is wearing these overthetop sunglasses. Crazy.