Today was Tuesday.

Let’s see, I worked today. I actually worked a full day! I get paid the next time I go to work, yayy. It won’t be as much as the last one, stupid server going down. 😛

My brother is finally building himself a new computer, and we get his old one. At first I was kind of mad [why can’t we get the new one?] but on retrospect, I realize that we don’t need a new one. His will be just fine: 30 GB memory, 384 RAM, 800 Ahmonson processor, I don’t really know what I’m talking about here, but it’s defnitely better than what we got: 4 GB memory, 64 RAM, I don’t know the processor. And we can always add another harddrive for more memory. I wish I had gotten my own computer, though. That would be exceedingly nice. This will be the second computer he’s gotten and I’ve gotten none. 🙁 Oh well, let’s not be a spoiled brat.

Daddy, for Christmas I want to get rid of my bed and have a double mattress.

I watched ‘Since You Went Away’ this evening, and I probably shouldn’t have. Now I’m listening to ‘Asleep.’ You can guess my state of mind.

mike: why is it only tuesday?
rin: because god is mean 🙁
mike: hehe
mike: no i don’t think that is why