Wouldn’t it be nice?

I spent the weekend with my honey and I was happy.

We didn’t really do much except… be together. And that was plenty for me. On Friday, we planned to have lunch during my break hour at school, but then [due to circumstances beyond our control] Mike wasn’t able to be there on time. But then, he still came to see me anyway, and surprised me… And I was so happy. It was one of those romantic moments that I always wanted to happen, where I’m just sitting there all sad, and everything, and then he just pops up out of the blue, with that smile that makes me want to melt, the smile that reminds me I love life. Then after school we saw Seabiscuit, which wasn’t as horrid as I expected, but it was hella long. Saturday we did… nothing, lol. It was still great. And today we did nothing. Just be together.

I don’t remember if I ever logged about the best day ever. Oh, I did. Yeah. That was the best day ever.