Me? Do homework? I think not!

Tuesday I started working at my new job, and that took my mind off of missing Mike. You know what also took my mind off of Mike… the fact that his parents called me into their office and told me that we were going to visit him that night!! XD!! I was so excited and happy that the rest of the day seemed to drag on so slowly… I like my job. 🙂 It’s a great environment and I don’t have to deal with bitchy customers. 😀 After work, we drove off in the new Lexus [which has a navi system — damned rich people] and got to Mike’s college not soon enough. We went to dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory, but I wasn’t hungry because I had a splitting headache. And I forgot my leftovers in their car. After that we took Mike back to his dorm and went home. I love Mike. 😀

Today I went to school and talked to 2 girls! One was named Joy, and the other was named Melody. Joy is in my Speech class, and Melody is in my history class. Yay for making friends. 😀 I had lunch with Byron again today. He’s so funny. Oh, he made jazz band, like he had to worry anyway, that sillyface. 🙂

mood: happy. ^_^
song: Perfect Blue by LARUKU
book: Don’t ask. 🙁