Not knowing the name of the song you want to hear sucks.

Mike is gone.

I thought I would let you ponder that for a second. 🙂 He moved on Saturday, and I helped him move. His campus is very cool, I wish I was going there! His roommate is cool, although Mike thinks he flirts with me and I tend to agree. He commented on my shirt yesterday, which leads Mike to think he was “checking out my rack,” [I don’t think he was] and he asked me what kind of music I liked today [classic rock] to which he replied by playing some Aerosmith and Led Zepplin [a little more plausible]. Anyway, they have a ton of new student activities to do, all in all I’m very excited for him! Friday night his family, Jack and I went to have a goodbye dinner at this Japanese Ichibiri place thing. Yeah. It’s like Benihana’s. It was reeeeallly good. :D!

Yesterday I helped him move in, it was freaken hot!! I didn’t want to go home, but his mom and I decided to come back for the orientation service the next day. 🙂

Today! His mom and I drove up to see him, we went to the service, then lunch, then to Stater Bros. to get some supplies. I know he’s going to do great up there!! I’m really, really happy and excited for him. Having my build-a-bear really makes a difference for some reason, haha. I slept with it last night and I felt better. I’m so stupid. ^_^;

My school is going well, I just hope I start making some friends soon! Eating lunch alone is getting old. 🙂

Oh yeah! I got a job… working for Mike’s parents, haha. At least I have weekends off so I can spend more time with Mike!! I know, I sound totally obsessed and married, but I don’t care, because we are getting married. :p

mood: happy, yet worried.
song: … “Come Sail Away” – Styx.
book: too busy studying to read. 🙁