Oh my God help me I am so tired.

So, after I posted yesterday, Vanessa called me and was like “Hey, want to chill at band camp with Terinn and I?” and I was like “Okay.” So I went over there and chilled for about an hour. It’s kind of nice to be around girls, for once. Then I went home and Mike picked Amber and I up to go to a pool party for youth group. But first, we stopped at GameStop to look at the Super NIntendo games, since Mike has one in the van, so we can play it on the way to the houseboat in Lake Mead. My mom was being all weird about letting me go on the trip. She was like “I don’t feel comfortable with you being the only girl going, I don’t think I’m going to let you go.”
Me: “Mom, we tried to get about 5 girls to go, none of them could.”
So she called Mike’s mom and they talked and set her mind at ease. Anyway, that happened before I went to band camp. So we found 3 games that are cool, Donkey Kong Country, Paperboy 2, and some other one that Mike liked. Then we went to the pool party, which was way better than the last one, I must say. Then I came home, decided I didn’t want to go to Denny’s because I was too tired, and slept. ^_^

Today I leave on my houseboat trip! See you on the 22nd!! If you’re leaving… goodbye, I’ll miss you. See you at Christmas. ^_^

My mom is usually on the computer when I wake up, but this morning I was able to snag it before she could get to it. Muahaha… She’s dumb though, because this is kind of the only time I can use it. I have to go to work, then I go out after I’m done working. Especially tonight. I’m supposed to be at Mike’s house at 5 to load everything up, but hello, I get off of work at 4. That means I’d have to leave at 4:30. And I haven’t even started packing yet. So I’m going to be late.

Vanessa is going to be gone by the time I get back. 🙁 So is Alison, Gio, and some other people. I haven’t seen Alison since graduation, hehe.

Okay ready… break!

mood: excited!
book: Frankenstein. It’s kind of good.
song: “Warning sign” by Coldplay, thanks to Vanessa’s blog. 🙂