Almost done…

Good, I finished Thursday. That would be the hardest day. Friday we just drove home. Mike and I bought shirts that said Houseboats 2003 on them. 🙂 We stopped at In N Out for lunch. 🙂 We watched Spiderman and Shrek on the way home… w0rd. That night, we went to Mike’s house and surprised his parents, then Mike took me home later.

Saturday: Home sweet home! … what did I do this day? lol. Oh yeah! I helped my Grandma move into her new house. It’s HUGE. Gimongous. It has a 4 car garage, something like 9 bedrooms… it’s cwazy huge. Then I went home for Vanessa’s surprise party. It didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked, especially since about half of the people who said they were going to come never showed up. That’s okay though, it didn’t really bother me except in the fact that it was Vanessa’s birthday and she must have been disappointed that they never showed. It just reaffirms what I already know. After that I went to Mike’s parents 25th anniversary party, and met his Uncle and his family from Long Island. They’re really nice.

Sunday: Went to church, then we hung out at Mike’s house and went to Stomp! that night. Mike bought the tickets for our 6 month anniversary… aww ^^ It was really awesome! At first I wasn’t that excited about seeing it, but then it was soo cool! 😀 I would reccomend that all of you see it, but that night was their last night at the Grove. Guess who else is going to be at the Grove soon? BILLY IDOL!!! I want to go soooo baddd. 😀 Speaking of shows I want to see, The Phantom of the Opera is going to be in LA soon! I’m so excited! 😀

Okay, back to the week. Monday I went to work, did nothing, went to Mike’s house and hung out with him and his family that are out from Long Island: Lin, Mark, Auntie Kay, and Uncle John.

Tuesday: Went to the beach with Mike and his family, brought Andrew with me. That night we hung out at Mike’s.

Wednesday: Work… then to Mike’s.

Thursday: Work, went to Mike’s.

There!!! Now I’m all caught up! Also, on Monday, my brother and my mom brought a stray home from my grandma’s new house. She’s a Jack Russel Terrier [This is what they look like] and she’s really sweet. Her name is Lizzy, as in Thin Lizzy, the band that did “Bad to the Bone.” 🙂

Also read and finished Hiroshima by John Hershey.

mood: Good. 🙂
song: Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack. 🙂
book: I’m going to attempt Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.