Monday: Today was a lot of fun… the first part. We had our private quiet time, discussed, and commenced the fun! I went on a banana boat run and a wakeboarding run [didn’t get up :(] and Mike and I swam a lot. By the end of the day I started feeling really crappy. From around 3 until Program [which is after dinner… around 7:30] I just laid around in intense pain. Mike couldn’t do anything because he had to stay on his boat, which was docked a considerable distance away. Finally, as Program was starting, my driver took notice of my plight and decided to medicate me [thank god!]. She put me in the houseboat with air co [*_*] and tried to help me cool down. She forced me to drink about a gallon of water [not kidding] and I slept from about 7:30 until 9 intermittenly, still not quite able to cool down, but not the blazing inferno I once was. After that I had to return to my own boat, Mike came down to see what was wrong and I burst into tears because I was in so much pain and he had to go back to his own boat [the boats had tied up for Program and were about to separate again]. I went up to the roof and tried to sleep, but I was still hot and it was kind of loud. Finally I drifted off to sleep around 10.

Tuesday: Terri [boat driver that cared for me] made me take it easy, so Mike came over after our little prayer time and we spent the day mainly playing cards and making friendship bracelets. I felt bad for him because he had to spend most of the day indoors with me as I downed all the water I could, but he assured me he’d rather be with me than do anything else. Terri took me and some other people on a boat ride around the delta, since I couldn’t really do anything else. But later, Mike and I were hanging out on his boat and he was about to go on a banana run with Matt, John, and Steve, and Maz decided not to go, so they had one more spot. Normally, people from different boats aren’t supposed to go on runs together, but Leanne and Mike’s boat driver, Chris, decided to look the other way and they let me go on a banana run with him. ^^ It was such a fun ride! I was in the front, and all the guys were behind me, and I got some mad air off of the wakes, it was great. This was easily the best time I had while I was on the houseboats… Mike, John, and Matt were crazy. I don’t remember what happened that night, but I do know that despite going on a banana run when I wasn’t supposed to, I didn’t get sick the rest of the trip. ^_^

Wednesday when I return!