Good times had by all

I’m really happy this morning for reason I won’t mention, but yes, I’m happy. 😀 I wish people would update their blogs every 5 seconds so I could have interesting things to read. I saw this coverlet at Target [let’s see if I can find it online… Nope, I couldn’t] and I want it.

Last night was fun. We went to dinner for my brother’s 21st birthday at El Torito, he ordered a margarita [ooh!] and they didn’t card him [aww :] went home and had cake, then I mentioned my friends were going to play Risk [nerds :p] so he said Oh I love Risk! and I invited him to come. Hooray! Jorge, Maz, Joanna, Marina, Harry, Lisa, my brother Chris, and of course Mike and I were at Mike’s house playing games. Harry, Lisa, and I played scrabble. Harry won with a 10 point lead from me. >P

Oh I’m in pain now.

mood: pain. 😀
book: I need a new one.
song: I dunno.